Metabolism Pills


Professionals say your metabolism involves a large number of hormones and enzymes. These hormones and enzymes not only convert your food into fuel but they also regulate how effectively you burn up that fuel.

Through the process of metabolism our body determines the rate at which we burn up calories. In the end this all boils down to how quickly we gain weight or how easy we lose weight. Not everyone burns calories at the same rate.

What Determines Metabolism Rate?

Our metabolism is determined by a few different things. First our age, every decade after the age of 40 our metabolism slows by about 5% per decade. Sex also determines rate of metabolism, men typically burn more calories than women. Another important factor is our proportion of lean body mass. The more muscle mass your body has the more calories your body will burn. Your heredity also has a determining factor on how fast your body burns calories.

Why Can’t I Keep My Weight Off?

One of the major reasons why it is so hard not to bounce back to your pre-diet weight is because the more you weigh the more calories you burn. This is because the a larger body mass requires more calories to maintain than a smaller body. That is why it seems so hard to lose that last 10lbs after losing 30lbs earlier without as much effort. When you are overweight your body is burning more calories at rest and while working out. A small reduction results in an immediate loss in weight. When you are on a diet your body loses a significant amount of body fat and muscle, when this happens your body needs fewer calories to sustain itself. This is part of the reason why it is so easy to regain weight after dieting.

Increasing Your Metabolism

One of the greatest ways to increase your metabolism is to increase your lean muscle mass. One pound of muscle mass burns 35 calories a day, while each pound of fat only burns 2 calories a day. Increasing muscle mass will also give you a better chance of keeping your weight off after you finish your diet.

Another great way to increase your metabolism is to keep it going throughout the day. How you can do this is by eating small meals or snacks throughout the day. A study done at Georgia State University found that when athletes ate snacks containing about 250 calories in between meals, they had more energy output throughout the day. The athletes in turn also ate less for each of their regular meals because of snacking. The final result was a higher metabolic rate, a lower caloric intake, and reduction in body fat.

Getting Help From A Supplement

Some people may find that using a supplement can really help them lose weight. Studies have found that certain compounds in foods may help increase a persons metabolism. These compounds have been extracted by supplement companies to be added into their supplements. Depending on the type of supplement will determine what extracts are found in the product and the overall effectiveness of the product. Because of how many weight loss supplements available on the market today we have reviewed these supplements to help people know which products give them the best chance of losing weight.

We give you the facts of the product, rate its effectiveness and allow people who have tried the product to post a review. If you have a diet pill that you have tried in the past, feel free to leave a review. We list the top 3 products after determining which products have the best ingredients, consumer reviews, and effectiveness.

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